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A clean home is a healthy home. So here are some care tips to keep your home in top shape.

1) Clean stove and microwave regularly.
2) Always clean surfaces and chopping boards immediately after use.
3) Regularly change your sponges and cleaning cloths. Keep them dry and clean to prevent build up of bacteria.
4) Keep your refrigerator clean and cold.

1) Bacteria grows in moist environments. Keep the bathroom ventilated and dry to prevent bacteria from growing.
2) Close the lid of the toilet before flushing to keep germs from spreading.
3) Keep the shower door or curtain open after use to allow them to dry and prevent mildew.

1) Leave the dispenser drawer and front door on front load washing machines open to dry when not in use.
2) Take your clean laundry out of the machine as soon as possible and place them in the dryer.This will keep those bad odors from developing.